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Your access to all things DB MUSIC!
"This is a music family, not just a fan club. I have gotten to meet so many of you and sing for you in your living rooms. What an amazing job I have that I get to travel all over meeting all of you and singing you your favorite songs from my notebook . Join us in this community where I show up to write, sing, record, and be goofy"- Dawn


Where hearts are gathered together for the love of music. Come for the music, stay for the family.!



  • ONLY FAN CLUB MEMBERS can make song requests on ANY live show.
  • LIVE TEXTS: Get on Dawn’s music phone contact list for a text every time she is live.
  • FAN CLUB ONLY music weekend events. Only fan club members can attend the small group FAN CLUB ONLY weekend events.
  • ​IN STUDIO SESSIONS: Tune in while Dawn records in studio and hear the progression of all her albums.
  • WRITERS WINDOW: Watch Dawn write her songs LIVE from inside the fan club group.
  • POP UP coupon codes for merch and shows.
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It is such an amazing experience! You can feel the words she is singing right there in front of you. It is a very joyful, emotional ride she takes you on. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Dawn perform in person, just do it! You won't regret it!

-Debra Skinner

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To those who haven’t experienced a fan club only event yet, I remember my first private living room show. I remember just sitting there in awe, just totally freakin amazed anyone that’s still thinking about going to a show, just jump in! The memories, the experience, meeting other fan club members is worth every freakin penny!

-Amanda French

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I was not sure if I could make it to the top of the Lighthouse. Grateful to Dawn's music for being the thread that brought these beautiful humans together that have been so encouraging and supportive . Get outside, see new places , things and be in good company.

-Angela Porter

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The songs hit home with everyone and You become part of this amazing extended family.

-Dona Barber

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I didn’t know that I would be gaining a family when I joined Dawn’s Fort. I thought It’d be your typical fan club, but I was wrong. It changed my life. It gave me friends I’ll have a lifetime long, it gave me the chance to watch Dawn create a song, it gave me the opportunity to travel and meet the friends I’d made online in person. I was captivated the first time I heard Dawn singing, but the first time I heard her live I was floored. She is the artist who can make you feel the heartbeat of a song. In-person you can feel her feel your feelings just to hear her sing the exact song you need to hold on. I wouldn’t change a thing that Dawn’s music journey has brought me on or given to me. Take the chance and see her live, you’ll never miss another one. ❤️

-Theresa Hogenson

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This past weekend I was making up for every day in my life that I didn’t live fully and I was absolutely swept away as Independent artist Dawn Beyer performed a remarkable 4 shows in 3 days for a fan club only group, giving just as much energy to the last show as she did to the first. She captivated each and every one of us sitting in the room soaking in every word of each song and every strum of her guitar filling the air. Dawn is an extraordinarily awesome, amazing, funny, caring human being that takes time to learn her fans, she calls you by your name, she knows where you come from, she is very sincere and knows how to fill your heart to overflowing with her original lyrics and beautiful voice. The memories made, seeing old friends and making new ones just makes me want more weekends like this! Thank you Dawn Beyer for being here and sharing the light that glows so brightly in everything you do! Sending you so much love and admiration.

-Marsha loveday


"Back in 2016, I was chasing someone else’s dream, a dream I didn’t wanna catch..

Now in 2023, I am doing my dreaming with my eyes wide open!

I have a fan club group full of amazing hearts that have showed up and continue to show up for me keeping me doing what I love the way I love to do it. Keeping me writing and recording new music all the time.. Keeping me inspired because someone cares to listen ..

I call this group of people my MUSIC FAMILY."- Dawn Beyer 

JOIN THE CLUB  FOR JUST $33.33/month!

Where hearts are gathered together for the love of music. Come for the music, stay for the family.!

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